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BESTEC Grease Interceptor and Drainage System Services

One of the greatest challenges of running a food and beverage (F&B) outlet is ensuring that the output of food waste including fat, oils and grease does not end up clogging the drainage system. A congested piping system can not only disrupt the workflow and cleanliness of the workstation but could also affect food quality and profit margins. Additionally, the cost of unclogging and replacing damaged sewer pipes can also be relatively costly.

What Happens to Used Cooking Oil?

Did you know that rancid cooking oil contains free radicals that contribute to the growth of cancer cells in the body?

Oil such as cooking oil which is thrown down the drain can not only clog your drainage system but can also contaminate our clean water sources. Numerically speaking, all you need is 1L of oil to contaminate over 1,000,000L of water, which is when it becomes physically impossible to treat the water source.

Considering that 90% of the Malaysian marine life has already been polluted with effluents, it is up to individuals and corporations to work together and protect the remaining source of drinking water for the benefit of all Malaysians.

Weimar Enterprise Sdn Bhd (WEIMAR) is the leading supplier of the BESTEC Biological Grease Interceptor, which is designed to:

  1. Prevent damages caused by a clogged drainage system
  2. Prevent contaminants such as oil and grease from reaching the local water supply
  3. Prevent the addition of food wastage to landfills which ultimately contributes to climate changes
  4. Promote the recycling of food wastage in the Municipal Biomass Industry

How the Grease Interceptor Works

How a grease trap works

The BESTEC Biological Grease Interceptor is designed to be compact and efficient enough to accurately separate fat, oil and grease (FOG) from the drainage water. The grease trap works by reducing the velocity of the inlet pipe, which then allows the effluent to separate itself from the rest of the liquid compound. The solid food waste on the other hand is sieved with a crossover pipe that acts as a physical barrier between the solids and the outlet pipe.

For technical specifications including information on the Grease Interceptor Sizing, BESTEC Dimensional Data, BESTEC Maintenance Guide, BESTEC Automatic Dosing Unit (ADU) and the WEIZYME Biological Activator, kindly refer to the BESTEC Grease Interceptor Catalogue.

After Sales Services Offered

Besides supplying and installing the BESTEC Biological Grease Interceptor, WEIMAR is also responsible for providing After Sales services in the form of Scheduled Maintenance and Bio Treatment for both the BESTEC Biological Grease Interceptor and drainage system. Our servicing portfolio also includes Grease Interceptor Sludge Removal and Drain Line Maintenance Servicing.

To date, our list of esteemed clientele includes hotels, F&B outlets, restaurants, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, hypermarkets, institutional centers and readily constructed commercial buildings.

Grease Interceptor - Floor mounted installation used in conjunction with dishwashing machine.

Grease Trap Sludge Removal Service by using special cleaning equipment and tools.

Drainage System Maintenance Service.

Clearing the waste pipe blockage with accumulated grease, by using special Drain Cleaning Machine & Equipment.

Manhole & Sewerage Pipe blockages clearing service by using Special Drain Cleaning Machine and High Pressure Water Jet.

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