LED Indoor Garden

What is LED Indoor Garden?

Sun garden has been developed with the help of the Rural Development Administration. It has been advanced from the conventional sprouter utilizing a kind of a wick as a water pipe as well as LED. When it comes to yield, harvest time and maintenance, it is superior to others. With LED similar to the Sun, it can not only save energy but promote the speed of growing plants. That’s why it deserves to be called as an eco-friendly product.

Patented LED-Light Hydroponic Wick Technology

This patented LED wick Watering Hydroponic System is what makes the Sun Garden stand out from the others.

The unit has a central wick that runs through the base of the soil tray and is fed into the water tray. The two ends of this wick are immersed in water at all times, remaining damp. This ensures the plants are hydrated without ever being over-watered.

There are no drainage holes, which means it can be kept indoors without risk of leakage or mess. The Sun Garden also only consumes a minimal amount of electricity (40W), so it is also very economical to run.

Save money and grow vegetables all year round with the Sun Garden

Growing even a small amount of your own produce can make a significant financial saving to you as well as having the peace of mind of knowing exactly where and how it is grown. The Sun Garden provides optimal growing conditions in an indoor or outdooor environment.

A unique feature of the Sun Garden is that you can easily stagger growth so that plants reach maturity at different times. You can have a constant supply of produce all year-round, regardless of season.

Pick and Eat from the Garden

There is nothing quite like harvesting lettuce, herbs, Chinese greens and so much more straight from the garden and throwing a salad together. With a bag of mixed lettuce costing around RM12.55, you won't have waste or this continual cost. There is no longer a need to worry about pesticides, chemicals and toxins in your fruits and vegetables. Enjoy fresh, nutrient rich, living foods.

The Sun Garden working with your existing outdoor garden

Not only are you able to grow vegetables like lettuce or a radish from seed to full maturity, the Sun Garden is also the perfect environment for germinating and sprouting vegetables, fruits and herbs.

By “starting off” your vegetables, fruits and herbs in the Sun Garden you are able to give them the best chance at a successful growth in an outdoor garden. You can easily transplant sprouted plants into your outdoor garden when they have successfully reached the Vegetative Growth Stage. This will give your seeds the safe "kick-start" they need to flourish in an outdoor environment.

Features of LED Indoor Garden

In regard to the source of light, LED is most like the sun. It can last approximately 50,000 hours (18 hours a day reaching to about 8.5 years). Even it can incredibly save electrical consumption.

As if a wick in a kerosene lamp acts as a pipeline to transport oil, a LED Indoor Garden wick can deliver water from the container to a flowerpot.
The merits are as follows:
  1. You don’t need to worry about watering. LED Indoor Garden takes care of maintaining plants itself.
  2. Water is not leaking through the pipeline, so you can keep it clean.
  3. Though watering requires no electricity, it works automatically.

Armed with our household compost system, LED Indoor Garden makes great use of the rich compost. It converts household organic waste into rich compost that encourages healthy growth of plants. Essentially, organic compost is better than chemically laced fertilizer; because studies show that chemical fertilizers tend to encourage the rapid growth of plants that are structurally weak. Besides, the fillers used in chemical fertilizers can harm the plants, your health and the environment as well.

Specifications of LED Indoor Garden?

Item Description
Material PP, LED
Electric Consumption 35W
Dimension 695 x 646 x 392 mm
Voltage 220V
Warranty 6 months
Origin Korean

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