Fat Busta


What We Do!
We specialise in Grease removal waste for industrial kitchens...

How Fat Busta Works ?

  1. Solids removed
    • Waste water containing fats, oils and greazse enters the FatBusta, where larger solid waste is strained in a removable basket.
  2. Grease trapped
    • Grease separates from the cleaner water and rises to the surface where it is trap in the main chamber.
  3. Clean water filtered
    • The clean water continues under the outlet baffle and down the drain.
  4. Fats skimmed away
    • The trap fats, oils and grease are heated and then skimmed out into a container at the end of the day.


All Fatbustas come with 0-80c thermostat, 1200w heating element & 24v motor.
Standard single phase 230v power supply needed.
Timer - 15 minutes segment.

Model Height Width Incl. Container Width of Tank Inlet Height Length Outlet Height
FB 125 410MM 515MM 310MM 240MM 720MM 230MM
FB 225 450MM 515MM 310MM 310MM 890MM 265MM

Model Flow Rate Basket Capacity Basket Height Inlet / Outlet Grease Container Volume
FB 125 1.25 L/S 4 Litres 360MM 60 5 Litres
FB 225 2.25 L/S 5 Litres 260MM 115 5 Litres

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